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Get a Cash Offer for Your Home

No Commissions – No Closing Costs – Pick your Closing Date

SoCal As Is buys houses, condos, multi units, manufactured homes and vacant land throughout Southern California. We are here for any situation you may be in. Whether your home is distressed or in perfect condition, we will have a solution for you. We have been involved in thousands of transactions from Ventura County out to the Desert and South to San Diego and everywhere in between.  We are ready to give you a competitive cash offer that includes no commissions, no closing costs and always “As-Is”!

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Our Home-Buying Process

We keep the process of buying your home simple by taking the mess and fuss out of it. In four easy steps, we’ll give you cash for your house so that you can move on. We’ll walk you through the process of how we buy your house.

1. Contact Us

If you’re looking to sell your home for cash, give us a call or fill out our online form. We’ll begin putting together the paperwork on our side, so you don’t have to. The first step is letting us know you’re ready to sell.

2. Property Analysis

One of our team members will gather information on your home and neighborhood. Within 24 hours of our property analysis, we’ll send you your no-obligation cash offer. Pretty simple, right?

3. Property Verification

After our offer is accepted, we will do a quick home inspection to verify the property condition.

4. Closing

We work with a Reputable Escrow and Title Company to facilitate the Closing.

Get a No-Obligation Cash Offer Today!


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